Snapshots…a little bit of wonderful

It seems like fall is often the time when I blink and find that a month has gone by without blogging. I am going to blame (for the second year in a row) new jobs and new routines and my ability to get swept up in it all when we move to a new place. But, it is November, and the leaves are crackling under my feet and the air is finally crisp, and we even had a dusting of snow last week (I may be the only person in the Pittsburgh area excited about this besides Lucas), and I am happy to be back at my computer  writing.

So here are a few of my favorite things from the last few months.

Warren Dunes State Park

This place is awesome! I have to say, I still love Lake Superior above everything else, but Lake Michigan is pretty great and the dunes in this part of the lakeshore are impressive and humbling and so much fun to run down (going up you really earn it). From the top of the dunes you can see out to the endless blue of Lake Michigan and back towards more rolling, sandy, tree-covered dunes.

P1070135Running down the dunes!

P1070129Hiking back up.


The Mattress Factory

This is my favorite museum in Pittsburgh. It is a contemporary art museum tucked in the history district of Pittsburgh’s north side. It has permanent installation as well as new pieces. Always eye-opening and interesting.

IMG_6395New exhibit part of the Detroit, MI series.

IMG_6401My favorite, the polka dots!

IMG_6400More polka dots…

Fall Hiking and Colors

Fall is my absolute favorite time to hike and camp. So we have been frequenting Racoon Creek State Park. I am always, always happy to be in the woods, especially as green gives way to bright pops of red and yellow and orange.

P1070142On the hike.


P1070141More color…


Last week we brewed our fifth batch of beer, a black IPA. We are loving the process and, of course, the results! It has been a fun new hobby for us that has easily transitioned from our backyard in central PA to our backyard in western PA. Now we just have to be patient as we wait for this new batch to ferment!

IMG_4317Steeping the grains.

IMG_4323The brew set-up.

IMG_4324Black IPA!

More soon!


2 Comments on “Snapshots…a little bit of wonderful”

  1. Shelley Lovegrove says:

    Love your photos and glad all is well.





  2. Julie Ament says:

    Beautiful – the dunes, the colors and the beer too!


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