A Sparkler Party…Happy 4th A Little Late!


It seems, like always, that life has been busy here, but I am convinced this is a good thing. It means trying new things and seeing friends and family and cooking yummy food and exploring. I am happy that life is busy.

But this year for the 4th, we took the day off. We brewed (Blueberry Stout…can’t wait!). We sat outside. We grilled and ate ice cream. The fireworks in Carlisle were on the 6th so instead we went old-school and I got six (yes, this is a large number) packets of sparklers. It reminded me of standing in my own backyard as a kid trying to write my name as the stick in my hand glowed and sizzled.


We twirled and made electric orange circles in the dark. It felt silly and fun. Then, Lucas wanted to try to capture the fleeting light, northern lights-style. I wielded the sparklers and he snapped some pretty cool picture.

So, a little late, but Happy 4th of July!




3 Comments on “A Sparkler Party…Happy 4th A Little Late!”

  1. awesome photos! Happy belated 4th!


  2. You have an amazing, wonderful life. I hope you got to enjoy the Carlisle festivities as well.


  3. Brenda Statzer says:

    Great photography!


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