In the blink of an eye…it’s almost time for a happy holiday!

It seems like the end of November and the begining of December slipped right through my fingers: a blur of Thanksgiving and grading (so many freshman composition essays!) and rain and mini-weekend trips and suddenly it is Winter Break. The holiday season is upon us.

Yesterday, I finally ushered in the first day of winter break, and the end to my first semester teaching four classes of freshman English at a local university. I am SO ready for a break from grading, but I am glad I will have more freshman to keep me on my toes next semester. But for now, I am looking forward to spending time with family, baking (my list includes recreating Julia Child’s crossant, yes please), reading (for fun), dreaming up summer vaction plans (backpacking here we come), and finally tackling my non-school-related to-do list items.

But late fall (we are still snowless here), wasn’t all grading and gray. We packed in a few local adventures to satisfy our traveling taste buds!

Washington, DC

Making our way to the monuments on a cool Novemeber day

Pitt and Troges Brewery 425 Pitt and Troges Brewery 424

Phipps Conservatory Winter Garden

Pitt and Troges Brewery 427

Plus, Chihuly Glass!!!

Pitt and Troges Brewery 428

Troegs Brewery…nothing like a pint of local beer

Pitt and Troges Brewery 433

More from the kitchen soon…


2 Comments on “In the blink of an eye…it’s almost time for a happy holiday!”

  1. Keep th efire of adventure burning!


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