A New View: Central PA

After nearly a year of “becoming Alaskan,” we are back in the Eastern Time Zone and, honestly, not exactly sure how to settle back into life in the lower 48. Things seem fast, and hot, and crowded. Where there always this many people on the east coast? But maybe we are just missing Alaska, and having a hard time saying good-bye, and, maybe, that is okay. For now.

But in the spirit of remembering, yet moving forward, this weekend we did what always makes us happy…we set off for the woods.

Luckily, our new town, Carlisle, PA, is surrounded by a handful of state parks that make the outdoors a short 30-40 minutes away. The Appalachian Trail stretches through our new “backyard,” and it is finally getting cool enough to enjoy being outside without loosing half your weight in sweat.

Yesterday, we drove through the country, up into the hills, to Colonel Denning State Park. The 273-acre park is small, cute, and, for the most part, quiet. We hiked the short Flat Rock Trail (2.5 miles one-way) to Flat Rock, a scenic ledge overlooking the Cumberland Valley.

The view was clear and crisp. I loved the patchwork of farm land linked by thin lines of trees like a living quilt, and the soft arch of the hills mirrored on the other side of the valley. Three hawks played in the breeze, dipping and crossing like paper air planes caught on a current of air.

It reminded me that there is always a new place to explore.



4 Comments on “A New View: Central PA”

  1. Nancy says:

    Beautiful photo! Glad that you were able to get back to some hiking, again!


  2. Good Luck Settling In – must be a bit of a shock! Happy Tuesday:)


  3. Have a great time in Carlisle. There are indeed alwyas new places to explore.


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