Badlands National Park, SD

The Road Trip Continues… Alaska to Pennsylvania

The last big, outdoor stop on our road trip was Badlands National Park. We spent the morning admiring the Mars-like qualities of this ever-changing, harsh landscape. It was too hot to hike, so we drove to each point of interest, and ate lunch under one of the few trees in the park offering at least a little bit of shade.

What I loved about this park was how drastically different it was. Our trip started out in mountains and woods and snow, and ended in wide-open, sand-blown, spires of gritty, colored rock. Beautiful.

I feel so lucky that we got to spend almost a month immersed in nature.

For the last few days of our road trip, we visited with family and friends, packed up a truck, and made the final push to our new home, Carlisle, PA. The end to a wonderful trip!


Black Hills and Badlands on Dwellable

3 Comments on “Badlands National Park, SD”

  1. My wife and I spent our second anniversary (1984) in the Badlands. This was a rainy, but very sweet experience.


  2. Alainna Winters says:

    Would you by chance be willing to share your driving route? I’m flying into AK in May to bring home my sister by car, from Fairbanks, and we’re trying to start putting together an itinerary.


    • It is a beautiful drive! One thing to keep in mind, if you take the route we did some things might not be open yet as the weather will still be cold and most likely snowy in the north in May. I would absolutely call ahead to check what lodging is available (we camped, but it might be pretty cold to camp depending on what kind of gear you have). Also, the Alcan is still a rough road with limited stops. Always top off gas when you can and carry plenty of food and water. Check the weather and road conditions before you set out. Okay, besides the cautions, it is an amazing, beautiful drive. We left the Fairbanks area (North Pole) and traveled south to Delta Junction, where we got on the Alcan Highway. We took that through Canada to Dawson Creek, where we got on the Yellowhead Highway to Grand Cache (Alberta). From there we drove to Jasper and down the Icefield Parkway(a must do!!!). We drove through Lake Louise, Banff, and down to Glacier National Park in Montana. I’m not sure where you are ultimately headed, but we traveled from Glacier to Custer State Park in South Dakota, then the Badlands (also South Dakota), and finally east towards PA. Hope that helps!


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