Glacier National Park, Part 1

The Road Trip Continues… Alaska to Pennsylvania

I had planned to do one blog for Glacier National Park, but this morning as I sat down to write I realized there is just too much for one post. We spent four days in this fabulous park, and I wish we had more time. In order to maximize our time, we hit a different section of the park each day, sleeping in a new campground each night.

Our first night we stayed at Many Glaciers campground, in the northern part of the park, and woke up early (hoping to beat some of the heat) to hike Iceberg Lake Trail. This gradual ten mile hike is beautiful. It moves up along a ridge and in and out of the woods as it curls higher towards the lake.

Along the way, little creeks rushed across the trail turning the stone crimson red and wildflowers speckled the hill like multicolored freckles. On the open ridge line you could see out into the valley and above to the rugged mountains. The mountains here are so different than in Canada. They are darker and older looking, at the peaks they look broken and fragile, like the unfinished edge of a jigsaw puzzle.

Near the end of the trail we crossed into several snow fields, slick and icy under the afternoon sun. The snow packed trail ended at a half-moon of mountains surrounding the frozen Iceberg Lake, where we stopped for lunch. I loved the water falls formed by snow melt cascading down every crack on the mountain faces and the cotton-like puffs of clouds overhead. Beautiful. One of my favorite hikes in the park.

Another highlight from the park: the Going-to-the-Sun Road. Beyond the sheer craziness of creating the road, which is cut into the side of a mountain, and is constantly fight erosion and water, the views and stops along this make it a place I don’t mind being stuck in a car rather than out on a trail. The road twists and bends, and at one point, we drove directly under a waterfall. So cool.

More on Glacier National Park soon.


11 Comments on “Glacier National Park, Part 1”

  1. abby118 says:

    Woww my friend meg went to alaska its such an amazing place


  2. Brian says:

    It looks beautiful there. Hope we get a chance to go.


  3. Nancy says:

    Absolutely gorgeous!


  4. Loving your post – Great Photos – Happy Exploring:)


  5. […] also liked this post from becominganomad about Glacier National Park with some wonderful photos as well. Share this:TwitterFacebookLike this:LikeBe the first to like […]


  6. Kathy says:

    Great photos! We had the pleasure of spending six weeks in Glacier last summer…one of the most spectacular places on the planet!


  7. This will be worth a week of my time, when i get there. Beautiful on both road and trail.


  8. You should make an e-book travel guide of your time in Alaska. All your favorite places, recommendations, even recipes! I would buy it


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