The Road Trip Begins

Today we embark on a 4,000+ mile road trip from North Pole, Alaska to our new home in Carlisle, PA. It will be 20+ days of travel, exploration, and tons of camping. We are really looking forward to our journey and the new town at the end of the road.

Our itinerary is flexible, but we plan to drive the Alcan Highway into Canada, camping along the way, then stop for a few days in Jasper National Park, at Lake Louis, and Banff National Park. A break from driving (which I am sure we will need), and a chance to celebrate our 1 year anniversary in Canada over a pre-ordered chocolate peanut butter cake 🙂

Then we will travel down to Glacier National Park for another few days off the road. Plus lots of hiking, yes please! We hit the pavement again until we reach the Black Hills/Badlands for more exploring, and then deadhead towards the Midwest to spend time with family (and collect all our belongs scattered between Ohio and PA) before we reach our final destination.

Looking forward to our latest adventure, but we will certainly miss Alaska! It will always have a special place in our hearts.

Good-bye, Alaska…


5 Comments on “The Road Trip Begins”

  1. Holy Road Trippin Batman! I cannot wait to hear about your adventures. Be Safe & Have a Blast – Enjoy Your Weekend:)


  2. Hey! Any chance you’ll be in PA around the 13th of August? I’m detouring through the Blue Ridge Parkway on the way to SC, which apparently takes me pretty close to your new home.


  3. Pit says:

    Good luck! Will be keeping my fingers crossed for you.


  4. Sadness would be in order, leaving AK. Bring plenty of mosquito repellent to Lake Louise. The buggers were even worse there than they were in north Anchorage.
    I will enjoy reading your accounts, along the way.


  5. icetealover2 says:

    How exciting! Hope you have a fantastic time!


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