Loving Alaska: Orca Island and Train Time

This weekend we took our last mini-Alaskan vacation (time flies!). It was a whirlwind of travel but a wonderful way to see a few new places before we start our road trip east on Saturday. For this trip we left no travel stone unturned, we took a plane to Anchorage, a bus to Seward, a water taxi to Orca Island, relaxed for two days, water taxied back to Seward, took a car to Anchorage, and finally, the Alaska Railroad from Anchorage to Fairbanks. Whew.

Lots of pretty and fun things along the way!

Our water taxi to Orca Island

Our yurt

Our yurts from the water

Kayaking with Lucas and my parents in Humpy Cove

Lucas admiring the waterfall we kayaked to

Early morning row boat in our cove


Starfish #2

From the train

Our train!

Seward on Dwellable

8 Comments on “Loving Alaska: Orca Island and Train Time”

  1. Great Post – loving your photos! Love to stay in a Yurt. Have a Great Day:)


  2. katie says:

    Fun family va-cay!! I thought you and Lucas were already up in canada. That’s why I never called you back! Sorry! I will try you tomorrow [Friday]! Hugs! Katie


  3. OhWayCho says:

    Whoaaaa, wonderful pictures of a wonderful experience. I particularly like the starfish ones!


  4. Nancy says:

    And so ends a page in your lives. Beautiful to see your parents help to turn the page.


  5. Never-ending beauty. Orca island looks fabulous.


  6. amazing! I’m so jealous of yurt-living, though I wonder what the kitchen amenities are like


  7. J says:

    Delicious photos! I hope to make it up there one of these trips!


  8. Hi, Great Post. Your mini-Alaskan vacation looks very nice. Sleeping in Orca Island Cabins is a truly unique experience.
    Thanks for sharing images.


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