On the Road: Fairbanks to Valdez, Alaska

Thompson Pass, Chugach Mountains

This weekend we headed south on the Richardson Highway for Valdez, Alaska. Beautiful doesn’t even begin to describe this drive. So today I will let pictures do most of the talking. But I will note that we saw three mountain ranges, lots of wildlife (moose, caribou, bald eagles, and a wolverine), tons of snow, rushing rivers flanked by ice and snow, waterfalls, a canyon, and ended at the Valdez Arm which opens into the Prince William Sound, and eventually the Gulf of Alaska. In the course of our seven hour drive we had sun, rain, snow, and sun again. The day offered a little bit of everything, and I wouldn’t change a moment of it!

Moose, Black Rapids
Pipeline, Alaska Range
Thompson Pass, Chugach Mountains
Thompson Pass, Chugach Mountains
Horsetail Falls, Keystone Canyon
Small Boat Harbor, Valdez
Alaska Range

4 Comments on “On the Road: Fairbanks to Valdez, Alaska”

  1. Beautiful Photos!!!


  2. klstoner says:

    So breathtaking! I can’t imagine how humbling this must be in person.


  3. […] On the Road: Fairbanks to Valdez, Alaska […]


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