World Ice Art Championships: Fairbanks, Alaska

It is not everyday you get to see giant ice sculptures. But for us, last Monday was that day. We visited the World Ice Art Championships, one of the largest ice art competitions in the world. This Fairbanks, Alaska event attracts around 100 artists and approximately 45,000 guests. During the 22 year life of this competition, artists have come from 38 different countries to compete in the single block and multi-block competitions. The exhibit also includes a kids park with ice slides and a hockey rink. One of my favorite sculptures was a little ice turtle that reminded me of Hawaii. But, I was also seriously impressed by an abstract sculpture with tear drop shaped figures that stood about the height of a two story building. It is pretty impressive to see what can be shaped out of ice.

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5 Comments on “World Ice Art Championships: Fairbanks, Alaska”

  1. Cool – thanks for sharing!


  2. Homestead Ramblings says:

    When visiting Fairbanks we went to the Ice Sculpture museum, which was a bit disappointing, but the video they showed was really cool. I can’t imagine what it would be to see those wonderful sculptures in real life. So amazing.


  3. Jian Sha says:

    So pure. I love your photos and, again, the smiles you and Lucas wear. Thank you for bring these images into my life.
    It’s unreasonably “hot” in Marquette, high in the 70s right now. It turns to spring today but really feels like summer, especially when the heating hasn’t been turned off by the facilities on campus.
    We do enjoy a lot more sunshine this year. Enjoy whatever we have. Stay happy, Krista. 🙂


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