Snow, Snow, Snow

It seems funny to hear people gearing up for spring. Here, in Alaska, we are still in the heart of winter. And the last few weeks have actually been some of my favorite winter moments. It is snowy, yet sunny, and finally, warm enough to really enjoy being outside. I can see why people in Fairbanks love March.

This week, Tuesday and Wednesday, we had a nice snow storm, 12 inches in two days. Not bad. Everything is pretty and white. I am still amazed at how light the snow is. Because we lack humidity, hence all the crazy static, the snow feels like air. Fluffy, glittery, air.

The storm offered mostly gray skies, see picture above, but Thursday all morning it was bright and sunny. So when I finished up my day working with the dogs, I snapped a few pictures trying to soak in all the snow. I can’t wait to get out and play in it this weekend.


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