Lights, Lights, Lights!

The last two nights we have seen the most spectacular showing of the Northern Lights. One word: amazing.

We have seen the lights several times before, but this was full-sky, hot-green, no-words cool. There is a huge open basin about five minutes from our new apartment, and it is the new go-to place for us to watch the sky. We park in a small turn off and then follow snow machine tracks out into the sparse black spruce woods. Even though we are only a few minutes from the road, it feels like we are watching the lights alone. Us and the lights. I can’t say cool enough times. So, so cool.

Loving Alaska.


8 Comments on “Lights, Lights, Lights!”

  1. Roberta says:

    Wow! It must be an amazing sight..


  2. meganolwen says:

    Wow, wow and more wow. Words fail me,I can only imagine how very wonderful this must have been. Note to self: go to Alaska very soon. Really enjoying your photos and tales, thank you.


  3. Thanks for checking out my blog!


  4. happy jealous right now. happy for you, jealous for me!


  5. Stephanie Jill Rudd says:

    Absolutely fantastic photographs, just how it must have felt like to actually be there, I can only imagine! Thankyou for having your adventures and sharing them with us. Wild, free and just beautiful.


  6. […] in the dark. It felt silly and fun. Then, Lucas wanted to try to capture the fleeting light, northern lights-style. I wielded the sparklers and he snapped some pretty cool […]


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