The Nomad Life Continues

Important update from North Pole, Alaska. It’s warm! Okay, not warm like we live in Florida warm, but it has been above zero for the last week. Above zero!! This weekend, it was actually warmer here than it was in Chicago. Talk about crazy.

It seems sort of like spring, and everyone is wondering when, inevitably, it will get cold again. But I’m saying, fingers crossed, the coldest cold is behind us. Honestly, I think the real reason for the break in weather is because we moved, and now, miracle upon miracle, we have a heated garage. Go figure.

A little over a week ago, we moved into a new a apartment about ten minutes from town. It is tucked back in the woods down a snowy little road pocketed with moose footprints. It isn’t exactly wild, but we are feeling a little more Alaskan. The place is quirky. As is our landlord, the former resident of our new home. He didn’t exactly have all his things moved out when we showed up to move in, so we spent a lot of time cleaning and helping him pack up. A strange and dusty experience. But to the point. Here is what our move was like in a nut shell.

Picture this: Lucas and I have been cleaning for at least two hours. I have dust and muck under my fingernails so thick it looks like thin, black half-moons. I have uncovered a whole cabinet of women’s clothing in the laundry room from our landlord’s old girlfriend (they broke up five years ago), which I promptly tossed into trash bags, his chosen suitcases. It was that kind of morning. It’s time to tackle the kitchen. I open the first small drawer at the corner of the kitchen counter. Inside, I find tiny bottles of whiskey and bullets. Whiskey and bullets. Yep.

Lucas is mad I didn’t take a picture. I should have. The caption could read: welcome to your new home…cheers…bang!

Alaska has been full of surprises. But really, we are settling in, and I think our new places is going to work out nicely. Now if we can just remember what drawer I put the napkins in, I think we will be okay. Moving every five months certainly keeps you on your toes.


One Comment on “The Nomad Life Continues”

  1. Jian Sha says:

    Krista, I’m glad things are getting easier for you and Lucas in Alaska. Talking about crazy, it’s so warm in Marquette this winter so far. The temperature has been in the 30s. Wow! It feels like spring, not a good year for the UP 200, though. It certainly is easier for me to walk around. Haha~~ Take care. 🙂


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