Yukon Quest Dog Sled Race

Okay, as promised, here is a look at the Yukon Quest, a 1,000 mile dog sled race that starts in Fairbanks, Alaska and ends in Whitehorse, Yukon. The race, which started in 1984, usually takes 10-16 days. It ends when the last musher crosses the finish line. I like a good adventure (maybe that is how we ended up in Alaska!), but I can’t even begin to imagine spending that many days outside running a dog team. Talk about cold. I have so much respect for the men and women that can not only survive, but compete, in that kind of landscape.

So on Saturday, we headed into town to watch the teams begin their journey towards Whitehorse. It was warmer, around -15, and we parked and walked down to the river, the official start for the Yukon Quest.

The dogs were excited, ready to run, and the mushers looked just as happy to get on the road.We took a ton of pictures, of course. Enjoy.

P.S. One more fun fact to share. The race is big news here. Every morning I get to hear how the teams are doing on the radio, and the paper offers the equivalent of a play-by-play. Love it!


4 Comments on “Yukon Quest Dog Sled Race”

  1. Great Post – thanks for sharing!


  2. Nancy Theys says:

    Thanks, Krista. Great photos! The two of you look like masked marauders.
    Talk with you soon,
    Nancy and Jeff


  3. I love the little shoes the dogs wear. I get that they’re to protect their feet and not aesthetic purposes but they’re still adorable lol


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