Tales of A Nomad: Our Car Arrives! (finally)

Sometimes I still forget just how far away we are from the rest of the United States. And then I think about plane rides and time zones. From Anchorage, an hour plane ride from where we live, it still takes around four hours to fly to Seattle. Four hours. That is about the same amount of time it takes to fly from Ohio to California. Crazy. And this morning when I woke up around eight, my friends and family in the Eastern Time Zone where already having lunch. Somehow even with the darkness and the snow and the cold, it still seems impossible that Alaska is so big and so far north. But it is.

The reason I have been thinking about this so much is our car. Yesterday, after three weeks, it finally arrived in North Pole. It seems funny, but the car has now joined our nomadic family. It was shipped from Ohio to Seattle, from there loaded on a barge that stopped at more coastal Alaskan towns than I have been to, and finally, shipped from Anchorage to North Pole. Our car traveled over 5,000 miles.

It arrived a little dirty and unprepared to handle this kind of cold, so after a quick jump start, it went directly to the mechanic. It will be fitted with a block heater, and the cord for plugging it in, and other mechanical things I don’t totally understand, all so we can start it in the cold. Our car will now have a permanent reminder of its months in Alaska!

It is exciting to have our own car back. No more rental cars with bad tires, and we can give back the truck we have been borrowing. Although, I think Lucas and I have both  come around to having a beastly truck, especially here. It makes driving in the snow a lot easier. And I am going to miss the remote starter like you wouldn’t believe.

But the double bonus of getting our car: the items that arrived in the car trunk. Our dehydrator, backpacking just got so much lighter, and our ice skates, here we come open skate. I am also looking forward to seeing what kind of looks we get driving around in a car with Pennsylvania license plates. You don’t see that everyday in Alaska!

Add one more experience to our nomadic repertoire, shipping cars cross country.


One Comment on “Tales of A Nomad: Our Car Arrives! (finally)”

  1. The car has been on a journey for sure and it will be interesting to see what comments you receive with PA plates on it! Maybe since you are in the North Pole you could ask Santa for a Remote Starter – ha! Thanks for sharing!


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