Back in Alaska: Moose!

On Saturday we touched down at Fairbanks International Airport in the midst of a dark, snowy, semi-cold (only -14) evening, happy to be back. Weird right? But Alaska has become home (for now), and I couldn’t get over how winter-white and pretty it is here. Being in Alaska is a little like living inside a painting.

We had a great break, visiting with family and friends, soaking up as much sun as we could, and enjoying the fact that it was way warmer. But I have to say, going to the mall the week before Christmas was totally, completely, overwhelming. So many people and cars and stuff. And traffic..ahh. How quickly we have gotten used to the wide open, sparsely populated life of Alaska.

But the best thing about being back happened today, less than a half hour ago, right here in my own back yard. Moose! Mama and baby. Oh, yea. I was pulling in the driveway after a morning meeting, and I spotted a large, brown, over-sized horse-like animal right behind the building. It did not like the sound of our truck (a temporary loan from friends that makes me feel very Alaskan, and tiny behind the wheel, it even takes diesel) so the moose ran a few yards and out popped the baby from behind our building. I slowly made my way inside, ran to the windows in front of my desk, and watched them eat and play and lay down for about 30 minutes before they moved on.

I am feeling very lucky. How many people can say they have seen moose in their backyard?

It turns out they had been hanging out behind the building for a while, Lucas took pictures when they first arrived, and then I went crazy taking pictures when the baby stood right outside the window eating. Have you ever seen moose lips? About the cutest thing ever.

Long story short, I am a little moose obsessed today, and it makes me excited to get back to exploring this amazing state.


3 Comments on “Back in Alaska: Moose!”

  1. Anne O'Malley says:

    Krista: Loved the moose pix and text! I just happened to check the blog today per all the huge snow news reports and was wonderng how you and Lucas are faring up in the far northern reaches. Congrats on your continued success with this bold and fascinating adventure! Anne


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