And the next stop is … Alaska!

When we started this year-long traveling journey I didn’t know what to expect. And that was part of the draw. It was a new frontier for us (especially starting in Alaska), and really, it still is. Over the last several weeks, we have been debating what the next stage should be and finally decided: Alaska. Give us more Alaska.

So after a nice holiday break in the Midwest with our families, we will be coming back to North Pole, Alaska. Although we won’t be traveling to several different places like we originally intended, Alaska is a big enough place to keep us busy all on its own. We have already made a huge list of things we still haven’t done or seen yet, and things that were so good we want to go back and do again (here we come Denali National and State Parks!).

We will also have to find a new place to live, since our current apartment won’t be available anymore after January. So everything still feels pretty non-permanent. Even though our year won’t be quite as nomadic as I first guessed, I think it still earns the title of the blog.

Here are a few pictures from our travels over the last four months that remind me how lucky we are to have more time to explore wild Alaska:


5 Comments on “And the next stop is … Alaska!”

  1. Jane Willson says:

    For your readers, I’m glad you’re staying. It is wonderful to see a state from the viewpoint of someone new to the area!


  2. I am glad to hear you made a decision on your next stop. Love your pictures – thanks for sharing!


  3. moosenoose says:

    I’ve only just found your blog but I love it! I have always dreamed of visiting Alaska, so your photos let me see a part of the world I haven’t quite gotten to yet! 😀


  4. piercex4 says:

    I lived in Alaska for 2 years in the early 90s…before I went, people who had visited told me that Alaska would get it’s hooks in me. It did, was originally supposed to only spend a year, but tacked on another. Met my husband there, and 18 years later still get that pull to go back. Instead, we moved to the Philippines! Enjoy all of your time in Alaska – it’s big and beautiful enough to be nomads there for years. So nice to have happened upon your blog. Thanks for sharing.


  5. lifevesting says:

    These photos are simply stunning!


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