Alaskan Sunset

Yesterday it warmed up, 9 degrees! So I decided to drive to Chena Lakes Recreation Area and go for a walk. The flood plain at Chena is circled by a tall, mounded wall. It is where we go to watch the northern lights. It was also the perfect place to walk and watch the sunset. The sun is setting early here, so I started my walk around 3PM, and the colors were already pretty.

It has been snowing off and on for the last three days (it is snowing right now!) so it was cloudy. The sun was breaking through just on the horizon making the warm orange and red colors even more vivid. On this low line of the horizon, it was clear enough to see the Alaskan Mountain Range in the distance. I think the mountains are my favorite park of Alaska. I’m not sure I can even explain why I love them so much, but they make me want to hold my breath and make a wish.

Not only was the view pretty, I also got to see a dog team getting ready to go out for a run. They were on the flood plain below me. I watched the dogs running around while their owner worked to get them all hooked to the sled and ready to go. It was a little like watching someone trying to get kindergartners to line up for recess. I don’t know many other places were I could go on a walk and just happen to run into a musher getting ready to hit the trail. Oh, Alaska. And when I was leaving, I saw a man riding a horse through the snow. I did a double take from my car. It looked like a commercial with the horse kicking up white clouds of snow as they rode along the edge of the woods.

I came home pink-faced with wisps of frozen hair sticking out from under my hat. Happy.


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