Winter is here to stay

It is getting cold here. This morning it was -15 when I got up and hours later it is still that cold. People who live here tell us it will only get colder. The sun is rising later too, around 9:45AM, and tonight it will set around 5:30PM. Daylight is shrinking. I am excited to experience these bizarrely short days but also a little nervous. What happens to your sense of time when the day is so short?

But on the other hand, everything is winter-white and pretty. The trees are coated in snow like white chocolate covered pretzels. And the sunsets are so long and colorful I almost forget that I haven’t even had dinner yet. It’s like sherbert across the sky. My desk in our apartment is strategically set in the corner surrounded by windows. From here I have watched the season speed by in the months that we have been in Alaska. But I think I am most surprised by winter. The snow is so perfect sometimes it looks like a dream.

Yesterday, I walked to the library and the post office. It was -1. It was cold, but not as bad as I imagined it would be. You feel the chill mostly on your face and when you breathe (think frozen nose hairs). I took our camera and snapped a few pictures. I have to say, November 3 feels a lot more like December in Alaska.


2 Comments on “Winter is here to stay”

  1. Nancy says:

    Your pictures remind me of the pictures on the front of Christmas cards.
    Yes, it’s absolutely beautiful, calm and undisturbed.


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