Winter in October

On Saturday, we woke up to wet, white snow. Winter. Locals tell us that the snow came late this year, and that it is here to stay. I am more than okay with this. I was like a little kid peaking through the blinds, hopping from one foot to the other, snow! I wanted to get out and play. I love the way it makes the world look so clean and new.

So we went to the Chena Lakes Recreation Area, a few miles from our house. It was the first time we had been to this park, and I think winter suites it. The recreation area is a maze of bike paths that run along the river, around the lake, and circle the empty reservoir used to prevent flooding. Our first stop was the river. It was time to build our Alaskan snowman. I love any kind of snow creation. As a kid, I even made a snow horse that you could sit on. So this was important. We each rolled the snow into lumpy snowballs, then stacked and decorated. He wasn’t beautiful, but he definitely looked the part. It made winter official.

After our building session, we went for a walk around the lake. The snow covered trees reflecting in the water looked like a painting. Mirror images of each other. Pretty. Pretty.

What I love most about being in the north is that it stays white. It is too cold for the snow to melt so it keeps looking fresh. Right now out my window, the bushes are still covered in a clean coat, and the window glass is a spider web of frost in the corners. I can’t wait to get back outside and play.


5 Comments on “Winter in October”

  1. foodfairie says:

    Wow that looks amazing, it’s like something from a postcard, we never get it looking as fresh and crisp here in the UK!


  2. Nancy says:

    Oh, so serene and beautiful. Love the dark sky, too.


  3. planetsos says:

    The photos you upload is wonderful as it is a dream but it is very difficult to live it to travel in Alaska wish you climate change to destroy this natural beauty ……


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