Alaskan Halibut

Last week we had the best halibut I have ever eaten. The fillet was massive, fresh, Alaskan, and free.  It was the kind of fish you would expect at a fancy seafood restaurant. But we got to eat it in sweat pants in our own kitchen!

The tale of my freezer being stocked with local halibut begins a few weeks after we arrived at our new home in North Pole, AK. One of my husband’s co-workers, and her husband, invited us over for dinner and to watch football (we don’t have cable). It was a nice evening and as we were putting on our shoes to leave they ask us if we liked fish, which we do. You have to take some halibut than, they said, as if it were a burden. Okay, we said. If you insist. Inside I am fist pumping, seriously. I love seafood, and Alaskan fish is amazing. They hand us a grocery sack FULL of halibut fillets. If you run out, they said, we can give you more. Yes!

It turns out they really like to fish and had gone to Homer over the summer on a chartered fishing boat. Obviously, they caught a lot of halibut, one was even over 100lbs. Serious fishing. Although I am not much of an angler myself, over 100lbs of halibut sounds like a day well spent. Homer is a mecca for serious fishing. In the summer, the harbor is full of commercial, charter, and private boats. It is the kind of town where a cooler is an important commodity.

But back to our fish. We picked out one of the fillets for dinner. We decided to keep it simple with olive oil, lemon juice, salt, and pepper. We wanted to let the fish shine, and it did. Wow. I love Alaska.

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